Bonus Episode – The Good Wife by Runt and the Outcasts

This is a song Runt learned to perform while at his stay at The Drowsy Horseman in episode 4. It is a hit at every tavern across all of Highland.

Verse 1:
Her cheeses are famous
with a master’s technique.
From Southport to Valheim,
but, my, do they reek.
Each wheel is a treasure.
The Lord would agree.
Folks travel for miles
for some cheddar or brie.

Verse 2:
One night while her husband
was bundling the hay,
an ogre came suddenly
and snatched her away.
He saw the large footprints
and knew what to do.
He gathered some stuff
and began to pursue.

My, oh my, oh how do they reek
The good wife knows how to make a cottage stink.

Verse 3:
He entered the cave
and emptied a sack.
The ogre stood up,
and readied an attack.
Some pots and some pans,
some clothes and a comb.
He blew her a kiss
and headed back home.

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