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Our Approach

Our Podcast

Spawned from the desire to create a great story, we at Eldritch Dice put our time, effort and heart into our work with the hopes that we can make that connection with others of similar interests. Inspired by other podcasts, works of fiction and art, and by the game of Dungeons & Dragons itself, we open our hearts to create. Our greatest wish is that the joy and friendliness of our sessions can be shared with you. Welcome to our table!

Our Story

How it began

We love the game. Our party consists of a handful of like-minded individuals whom fate placed in a close geography. We enjoy playing together, but the demands of modern life make it difficult to spend the kind of time on this beloved hobby as we would like. After a year of struggling with scheduling in a previous campaign, the idea of a podcast with short weekly episodes came up and the support from the party was unanimous.

The Party

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The DM

What a guy! The mastermind behind the whole thing and a great singer!

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Gray Moonnight

Human Sorcerer

Mysterious and misunderstood.

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Half-Elf Druid

Looked down upon by full-blood Elf communities and insincerely praised by Humans. Only truly comfortable around plants and animals.

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High Elf Paladin

Defiant of her culture's penchant for slavery. A true servant of The Lady-goddess of the world of Elthara.

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Oblyak "Runt" Selboks-uvare

Goliath Samurai

Liberated from slavery, but not his own angst.

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Human Monk

Pure good to the bone. Lives for others.

Welcome to our table!

We appreciate the time you take to listen to our work and openly welcome your comments. Here's to a long journey together!